आंद्रिया डी, स्कीनी टीनेकी में एलेक्सिस ब्रिल वसा लड़के द्वारा blowjob और किसी न किसी बकवास हो जाता है. अपने मालिश पार्लर होटल के कमरे में क्रिस Giovanni द्वारा गर्म गोरे लोग Manea गड़बड़ कर दिया.कुंवारी ओपन लड़की चूत सुंदर गोल - मटोल कुदाल इसे प्यार करता है जब उसका पति दूर हो.xhamster स्लिम आबनूस किशोर जमैका बिग डिक द्वारा हार्ड ड्रिल हो जाता है.सेकसी विडिओ नास्तिक अपनी प्रेमिका श्याला जेनिंग्स के साथ प्यार में है और अपने गधे को कुत्ते की शैली के फार्ट्स में तेजी से मास्टर के मास्टर गंगा में बढ़ाया गया है.लड़की की चुदाई

Capture your most corporate

events and highlights



Corporate missions are an opportunity for us to meet the men and women who make the evolving companies around us.

At Didier Lefa S.a.r.l , we strive to capture the key moments of your company, to reveal the emotions of the players and spectators on the field. We tell the story of your challenges, your initiatives, your successes, your brand. We go wherever your communication calls us.


Let's be Precise

The main challenge is the artistic understanding of the photographic shoot and the underlying objectives of your project. Taking the time to organise, script and manage the various deliverables (photo albums/books, videos, event covers, etc.) is our job.


Every project has a purpose for your brand / your event in your communication. What do you want to tell? What is there to highlight? The deployment of our expertise requires an understanding of your communication challenges in order to determine the direction in which to serve them. The preparation is as technical as it is artistic in order to deliver a quality result.


Within the framework defined by the estimate and the payment method and under cover of the legal framework, we commit ourselves with you to the implementation of the work schedule. Our working principle is simple: everything that has been said must be done (except in cases of proven absolute necessity ). Our team will put its expertise at your disposal in order to achieve the mutually agreed objectives.


Post-production is a key stage that follows the realization. It is through this stage that we put into shape the elements defined in the contract governing your private event. We undertake to provide the appropriate deliverables within the following deadlines: 72 hours for the coverage of an event and 7 days for its summary video, 7 days for corporate coverage and a deadline to be defined for large-scale photo and video work.

Each project has a purpose for your brand, in your communication. What do you want to tell? What is there to highlight?


We provide you with offers tailored to your needs and your budget in order to accompany you in your communication. Depending on the elements of your project, we give you the possibility to subscribe to one of our packages . You will benefit from a follow-up allowing you to carry out standard retouching (targeted retouching incurring additional costs), to receive the photos or videos in any medium within the framework of the service contract. Our services are carried out with our own equipment (photo equipment, lenses, umbrellas, etc.) in order to ensure quality work.


Thanks to our reactivity and our work methodology, we make sure to cover for you and within the framework of our agreements, each phase of the defined project. Your communication will thus be able to rely on images taken over time and in line with your actions. Our technical expertise and our artistic approach are thus at the service of your communication.

In each of our collaborations, we want to define a vision that will enable us to create deliverables that satisfy all parties and that are sustainable. For us, quality work cannot be done without a vision. Our work methodology, our client management and our creative approach are designed to provide competitive deliverables that are in line with international standards.

The collaborative and consensual approach allows you to stay informed on the progress of your work. Our deliverables are made to allow you to deploy to your digital communities as well as in the physical space. We look forward to seeing you in our studio !

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